Hawe™ Premolar and Molar Matrices


Available from Hawe are anatomically-shaped blue and transparent posterior matrices. The transparent range has colour-coded matrix ends for easier use. The new blue colour offers an alternative to the transparent, chosen for a better contrast to the tooth structure and the negligible influence on the composite conversion rate. This is a big advantage for a better visual control of the composite application, filling procedures and handling. There is no discolouration of the dyed matrix when in contact with etching gels, bonds and primers. The blue line is a step forward in simplifying and accelerating everyday procedures. The matrix is 0.075mm in thickness.

Matrix System

2780 SHawe blue posterior matrix system
780 SHawe transparent posterior matrix system

Refill Pack-50

277350 x Hawe blue premolar matrices
277450 x Hawe blue molar matrices
773Hawe Transparent Premolar Matrices
774Hawe Transparent Molar Matrices