X-Ray™ Centring Devices

X-ray Holders

For Film Holders, Phosphor Plate Holders and Sensor Holders

Dental centring devices for x-rays

Kerr's X-Ray Dental Centring Devices for Film Holders, Phosphor Plate Holders and Sensor Holders are made in plastic thermoforming material. Multiple use devices for accurate placement of x-ray tubes and precise imaging!
The devices maintain the same benefits of the previous cardboard versions:

  • Ease of use – colour coded, laser printed outlines that aid during the positioning;
  • Versatility – compatible with any x-ray tube available on the market today.

 At the same time, the thermoforming plastic material brings a range of added benefits:

  • Multiple use (reprocessing guidelines available on the product's instructions for use);
  • High radio transparency, meaning they will not affect the quality and clarity of your x-rays;
  • Even better value for your money, as you can reuse the products multiple times.

Refill Packs of 20

1023Super-Bite™ Anterior Centring Devices
1024Super-Bite™ Posterior Centring Devices
1781Kwik-Bite/ Paro-Bite Centring Devices
1793Endo-Bite Anterior Centring Devices
1794Endo-Bite Posterior Centring Devices

Mixed Set of 20

1795Mixed Set of Centring Devices

Clinical images


X-ray dental centring devices that give

you precision, value for money and ease of use.

Discover how they fit the centring rings perfectly.