Absorbent Points

Fill / Obturation

Kerr Endodontics Absorbent Points are presterilized and highly absorbent. They are made to remove moisture from prepared canals and are rigid enough to be easily inserted and withdrawn while keeping a firmly rolled shape. Kerr Endodontics Absorbent Points are sized to correspond with the dimensions of Kerr Endodontics standardized endodontic instruments.

Auxiliary Sizes

13965Absorbent Points -Asst (XF-F-
13966Absorbent Points -XF (X-Fine)
13967Absorbent Points -F (Fine) Box
13968Absorbent Points -M (Medium) B
13969Absorbent Points -C (Coarse) B
13970Absorbent Points -XC (X-Coarse

Standard Sizes

13971Absorbent Points - #15 Box of
13972Absorbent Points - #20 Box of
13973Absorbent Points - #25 Box of
13974Absorbent Points - #30 Box of
13975Absorbent Points - #35 Box of
13976Absorbent Points - #40 Box of
13977Absorbent Points - #45 Box of
13978Absorbent Points - #50 Box of
13979Absorbent Points - #55 Box of
13980Absorbent Points - #60 Box of
13982Absorbent Points - #80 Box of


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