elements™ Connect


Cordless Endodontic Motor

Connect with confidence. Shape with simplicity.

Add confidence to your shaping procedures and simplify your workflow with interconnected Elements Connect. elements Connect and Apex Connect combine the flexibility of a durable, long-lasting portable cordless motor with the intuitive real-time feedback of a smart indicator and display. Your shaping procedures just got simpler and safer.


  • Real-Time Feedback — See real-time views of working length information with an intuitive full-color display and smart light indicator.
  • Patient Safety — Know when you’ve reached the bottom of the canal when the indicator changes color as you reach deeper.
  • Precision Measurements — Automatic self-calibration in the Apex Connect assures measurement accuracy.
  • Long-lasting Performance — Two removable, rechargeable and durable batteries promote continuous performance for uninterrupted procedures.
  • File Compatibility — Built-in adaptive, reciprocation and rotary motions allows you to confidently use your motor with virtually any leading file.
  • Portable Design — Move easily between operatories with a portable cordless motor connected to lightweight indicator and display.
Designed to work seamlessly together elements Connect and Apex Connect, interconnected systems supports patient safety while simplifying your procedures.

elements Connect

815-1800elements™ Connect Cordless Motor Kit
815-1806elements Connect AC/DC Adapter
815-1808elements Connect Contra Angle
815-1809elements Connect Charging Base
815-1810elements Connect Battery Pack

Power Cord

815-1804elements/Apex Connect Power Cord


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