belleWax™ CAD

Millable Materials

Millable Wax Disc

Introducing the bellewax CAD Millable Wax Disc. Specially formulated to mill smooth and precise patterns. Designed to be compatible with the bellewax sculpturing and esthetic waxes for adjustments, repairs and characterization. Also compatible with the complete line of Kerr waxes and sprues for easy tree assmebly and clean burnouts.

Ideal for copings for casting or pressing, as well as for full contour and diagnostic indications. Available in Esthetic White, and a medium Grey for a choice to the user, both with excellent visibility to detail. In two industry standard diameters, 98 and 100mm, and 3 popular thicknesses.

Esthetic White

36060belleWax CAD, Esthetic White98 x 12 mm
36061belleWax CAD, Esthetic White98 x 16 mm
36062belleWax CAD, Esthetic White98 x 20 mm
36063belleWax CAD, Esthetic White100 x 12 mm
36064belleWax CAD, Esthetic White100 x 16 mm
36065belleWax CAD, Esthetic White100 x 20 mm


36066belleWax CAD, Grey98 x 12 mm
36067belleWax CAD, Grey98 x 16 mm
36068belleWax CAD, Grey98 x 20 mm
36069belleWax CAD, Grey100 x 12 mm
36070belleWax CAD, Grey100 x 16 mm
36071belleWax CAD, Grey100 x 20 mm