Nexus™ Universal


Universal Adhesive Resin Cement

Simplify the workflow without sacrificing bond strength.

Nexus Universal eliminates the need for primers or activators — cutting the complexity of typical cementation processes by up to 50%. With simplicity comes added flexibility and convenience. Nexus Universal adapts to the doctor’s preferred cementation technique, so they don’t have to change their protocol. It also pairs with leading universal bonding agents including OptiBond™ Universal - the industry’s gold standard in adhesion.

Nexus Universal Chroma color clean up indicator 

Nexus Universal

Nexus Universal offers easy One-Peel™ cleanup. Also, Nexus Universal includes the smart Chroma color clean up indicator in the Clear with Chroma shade. With this option, the pink coloration of the cement fades to alert practitioners of the optimal window to clean up excess cement - reducing the risk of leaving excess cement.

Nexus Universal


Nexus Universal

Simplify Cementation

Nexus Universal reduces the complexity of cementation steps by up to 50%. You’ll enjoy a simplified, and more efficient workflow with fewer opportunities for error.

Nexus Universal

Unique Total dark-cure compatibility

Nexus Universal is the first cement to offer total dark-cure compatibility with leading universal bonding agents, including OptiBond Universal or other OptiBond adhesives.


Nexus Universal

Do It Your Way

You’ll have the freedom to keep using your preferred cementation protocol and stay confident in a strong bond — with reduced steps.


Nexus Universal

Better Bond Strength

Nexus Universal delivers one of the most secure holds compared to other leading adhesive resin cements, regardless of which leading universal bonding agent you use.


Nexus Universal

Dual-Cure with One-Peel™ Cleanup

Ensures easy and consistent cleanup every time when removing excess cement with Kavo Kerr’s One-Peel Cleanup. Tack-cure or self-cure for more control over single or multiple crowns. Nexus Universal is available in the Chroma version in a Clear shade, with the smart Colour Cleanup Indicator, indicating the optimal window of time to clean up excess cement and reducing the risk of leaving excess cement.


Nexus Universal

Easy storage and prolonged shelf-life

Nexus Universal features extended Shelf Life of 24 Months, with no refrigeration required.

Colour stability

Nexus Universal features a proprietary redox initiator system which virtually eliminates discoloration common in BPO/tertiary initiator systems. This results in better color stability and long-term esthetics.

Nexus Universal Colour stabbility

Bond strength

Boost your bond strength

Nexus Universal and OptiBond Universal deliver stronger bonds than other leading cementation systems in dark-cure mode.

Nexus Universal - Shear bond strength to dentin under total self cure


Choose your bonding agent

Nexus Universal offers total dark-cure compatibility with leading universal bonding agents including OptiBond Universal and other OptiBond adhesives. Be confident in your bond strength, regardless of which bonding agent you use. No dual-cure activators are needed for dark-cure mode.

Nexus Universal's bond compatibility to OptiBond Universal and other bonding agents


High performance on any substrate

Nexus Universal is compatible with various indirect restorations and CAD/CAM materials, including resin, ceramic, zirconia, gold, base metal alloys, alumina, lithium disilicate (e.max), titanium, PFM and PFZ.

Nexus Universal - Bond strength to CAD CAM materials