Prophy Box SMARTmatic


Convenient prophy solutions in one box

The KaVo Kerr Prophy Box contains a KaVo SMARTmatic instrument and complementary Kerr consumables to offer a comprehensive prophy package based on the needs of each practice. By combining the undisputed quality of the number 1 handpiece manufacturer, KaVo, with the strong heritage and materials knowledge that define Kerr, the German market leader in prophy pastes, dental practitioners can now experience peace of mind and efficiency in prophylaxis from a single source. With proven solutions designed to perfectly complement each other, you can rest assured that the combination of KaVo technology and Kerr consumables will always inspire you.

Products included in the bundles:



Prophylaxis handpiece

The prophylaxis handpieces, KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S19, PROPHY S31, PROPHY S33 and S53, offer dental practices the perfect solution for cleaning and polishing, despite being significantly less expensive than previous models:

  • "Made in Germany", combining top efficiency and reliability with ideal balance for fatigue-free working
  • Meant for latch, snap-on or screw-in cups and brushes
  • Made from durable, robust and hygienic stainless steel

Lip and cheek retractor

OptiView™ is an innovative dual-purpose lip and cheek retractor that provides retraction of lips and cheeks for improved buccal and gingival access at the same time.

  • Minimises tension, offering patient comfort even during longer dental treatments
  • Provides excellent visibility and access to the entire working area

Prophy-paste, cups and prophy angles

Cleanic™ is the number one prophy-paste in Germany, and THE one-step prophy paste that guarantees outstanding cleaning and polishing results with low abrasion on enamel and dentine. That’s because of the clinically proven integrated abrasion variability of the natural perlite particles.

Pro-Cups and Prophy Cups, are the prophy-paste‘s ideal partners:

  • available in latch, screw-in and snap-on versions
  • designed to minimise paste splatter
  • a perfect fit for the SMARTmatic handpieces

PerfectPearl disposable prophy angles for the application of prophy pastes. It fits with KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S19.

Prophy-Clips autoclavable fingercups for prophy pastes, which are easy to clean thanks to their specially designed shape.