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The Demi Plus is a Light Emitting Diode (LED) curing light that builds upon our legacy and continues to offer the same compelling features that have made the Demi curing light such a commercial success.

Thanks to the PLS technology, the Demi intermittently shifts output intensity from an impressive base of 1100mW/cm2 to a peak of 1330mW/cm2. This enables the Demi Plus to deliver a 5-second cure for A3 or lighter shades. Demetron’s unique thermal control system ensures a cool, continuous high output without a risk of overheating intrapulpal tissue.


910860-2Demi Plus 230 VDemi Plus Handpiece, 8 mm Turbo Extended Light Guide, 1 Lithium-ion battery, Battery charger, Power supply, Protective Light, shield, Barrier sample pack


20399Disposable Hardness Disk
20816Protective Light Shield
21020Curved Turbo Light Guide (8 mm x 77 mm)
9216764 mm Curved Turbo Light Guide (1 mm x 4 mm)
9216772 mm Curved Light Guide (1 mm x 2 mm)
9217468 mm Turbo Extended Light Guide
921919-1Demi Plus Battery Charger
921920-1Demi Plus Handpieceonly handpiece
952213 8 mm Turbo Light Guide
952269Demi Plus Power Supply
DEMI-250SleevesSingle-use, protective plastic sleeve designed to cover DEMI. Pack of 250

What makes a Demi Plus?

  •  Extended Light Guide. +28% longer reach. The 8mm Extended Turbo Light Guide enables better application with improved access for posterior procedures.
  •  Enhanced Body Design. The exterior is made of Valox resin, a high-performance plastic that will protect and extend the life of your unit.
  •  Longer Warranty. Kerr’s three-year warranty ensures you get the most value from your premium investment.
  •  Advanced Battery Design. The self-cleaning “cap and swipe” battery simplifies charging. The positive contact charger on this cordless curing light guarantees a snug fit between the contacts on the handpiece and the charger base, allowing you to get the most out of every charge.

Technical Data

  • Output peak wavelength range: 450 – 470nm
  • Output intensity from 1100 mW/cm2 to peak of 1330mW/cm2


Kerr has been at the forefront of light curing technology going all the way back to their Demetron roots. The technology has a true five-second cure time for composites shade A3 and lighter.
Dr. Michael DiTolla
Demi LED Light Curing System from Kerr Demetron.. I must tell you upfront that this light is a favorite of mine because I feel that I have had a hand in bringing it to market. Two years ago at the Kerr Roundtable, we (Key Opinion Leaders - KOL) had a chance to tell the Kerr Demetron people what we would like to see in a curing light. Last year, we were shown a mock up of a new light and again given the chance to comment on what we liked and did not like. Last week (middle of August) I saw the finished product and it is everything we asked for and more. It is compact in size and light weight and easy to hold. The LED unit is cordless and offers multiple ways to hold it which makes the light more ergonomic. You will immediately notice less stress on your hands and wrists. Demi has a super quiet built in fan that keeps the unit cool. Superior battery technology gives longer working time and it can last 3 to 4 days when fully charged. Demi features the Periodic Level Shifting technology which simply means the light gets more intense part of each second. You can do a true five second cure! No need to buy a bunch of new light tips, it accommodates all Demetron light guides. The 5-, 10- and 20-second preset timer settings reflect todays shorter curing times and the timer mode will automatically recall the last curing time selected. If you are in the market for a new LED light that is well planned with features to make dentistry faster, better and easier, this is it!
Dr. Joe Blaes, Dental Economics October 2007, Pearls for Your Practice


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