The universal gentle alternative to metal clamps

The efficacy of a dental rubber dam clamp depends on its ability to grip the tooth firmly, thereby preventing the clamp or dam slipping. A mismatch of contact between the clamp’s gripping edge and the tooth surface can concentrate the gripping force on a single contact point, causing depressions in the tooth’s surface. 

SoftClamp’s unique design distributes the applied force evenly, reducing the pressure on the contact area. The grip-tight coating of the clamps’ jaws allows SoftClamp to engage the tooth surface gently but firmly, minimising the risk of slippage and eliminating the cause of patient discomfort and iatrogenic damage to the teeth.


General Kit

5250SoftClamp General KitContents: 5 x clamps


  • Universal: SoftClamp is a universal dental rubber dam clamp for molar teeth
  • Clamp material: radiopaque high-performance polymer, medical grade
  • Colour: satin beige to minimise light reflections during dental procedures
  • Indicated for multiple use: autoclavable at 134°C for at least 3 minutes.


Clinical images



OptiDam and SoftClamp in Situ


1. Grip-tight coating reduces the risk of slippage and iatrogenic damage

2. Indicates closed clamp position