The "4" Series


Whether performing precision microsurgery, troughing around a post or simply agitating sodium hypochlorite within the canal, SybronEndo can satisfy your endodontic ultrasonic needs. Originally designed by Dr. Gary Carr, the SybronEndo ultrasonic line has what you need to get the job done.

The «4» series is used to remove metal root canal posts. SybronEndo recommends that the clinician begins at level one and increases according to his personal comfort level.

The "4" Series

973-0039Ultrasonic Tip UT-4
973-0041Ultrasonic Tip SJ-4
973-0057Ultrasonic Tip CT-4
973-1039UT-4 Straight-Line Tip
973-1057CT-4 Straight-Line Tip


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