K-Flex™ Files

Endodontic Shaping

K-Flex™ Files feature a unique rhomboid design, which provides a short axis for flexibility while maintaining crosssectional strength. K-Flex is more flexible than conventional “K” files of comparable size, particularly in sizes #30 and above, which facilitates the negotiation of curved canals and their preparation with minimal potential for ledging and perforating.

K-Flex Files

15122K-Flex Files
15126K-Flex Files
15130K-Flex Files
15134K-Flex Files
15138K-Flex Files
15142K-Flex Files
15146K-Flex Files
15150K-Flex Files
15154K-Flex Files
15158K-Flex Files
15162K-Flex Files
15166K-Flex Files
15170K-Flex Files
15174K-Flex Files
15206K-Flex Files
15210K-Flex Files
15214K-Flex Files
15218K-Flex Files
15222K-Flex Files
15226K-Flex Files
15230K-Flex Files
15234K-Flex Files
15238K-Flex Files
15242K-Flex Files
15250K-Flex Files
15254K-Flex Files
15258K-Flex Files
15290K-Flex Files
15294K-Flex Files
15298K-Flex Files
15302K-Flex Files
15306K-Flex Files
15310K-Flex Files
15314K-Flex Files
15318K-Flex Files
15322K-Flex Files
15326K-Flex Files
15330K-Flex Files
15334K-Flex Files
15368K-Flex Files
60120K-Flex Files
60144K-Flex Files
60193K-Flex Files
821-4021K-Flex Files
821-4030K-Flex Files
821-4035K-Flex Files
821-4125K-Flex Files
821-4130K-Flex Files