CT Tips


Endodontic Ultrasonic Tips

Our surgical tips, designed by Gary Carr, includes CT, UT and SJ sets. Surgery is initiated with the "1" tip & followed by the "2" or "3", depending on tooth position.

CT Tips

Ultrasonic Tip CT-2-S Upper Ri
973-0053Ultrasonic Tip CT-2-S Upper Ri
Ultrasonic Tip CT-3-S Upper Le
973-0055Ultrasonic Tip CT-3-S Upper Le
Ultrasonic Tip CT-1-S Straight
973-0059Ultrasonic Tip CT-1-S Straight
Ultrasonic Tip CT-2 Right Tip
973-1053Ultrasonic Tip CT-2 Right Tip
Ultrasonic Tip CT-3 Left Tip D
973-1054Ultrasonic Tip CT-3 Left Tip D
Ultrasonic Tip Diamond Coated
973-1059Ultrasonic Tip Diamond Coated


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