Hedstrom Files


Stainless Steel Endo Handfile

Kerr Hedstrom Files are ground from Stainless Steel wire. The flute depth increases with the taper, creating a sharper, more flexible instrument

Hedstrom Files

Hedstrom  25mm Size  15 White
11344Hedstrom 25mm Size 15 White
Hedstrom 25mm Size  20 Yellow
11345Hedstrom 25mm Size 20 Yellow
Hedstorm 25mm Size  25 Red
11346Hedstorm 25mm Size 25 Red
Hedstrom  25mm Size  30 Blue
11347Hedstrom 25mm Size 30 Blue
Hedstrom  25mm Size  35 Green
11348Hedstrom 25mm Size 35 Green
Hedstrom  25mm Size  40 Black
11349Hedstrom 25mm Size 40 Black
Hedstrom  25mm Size  45 White
11350Hedstrom 25mm Size 45 White
Hedstrom  25mm Size  50 Yellow
11351Hedstrom 25mm Size 50 Yellow
Hedstrom  25mm Size  55 Red
11352Hedstrom 25mm Size 55 Red
Hedstrom  25mm Size  60 Blue
11353Hedstrom 25mm Size 60 Blue
Hedstrom  25mm Size  70 Green
11354Hedstrom 25mm Size 70 Green
11359Hedstrom 25mm Asst 15/40 P
11360Hedstrom 25mm Asst 45/80 P
Hedstrom  21mm Size  15 White
12766Hedstrom 21mm Size 15 White
Hedstrom  21mm Size  20 Yellow
12769Hedstrom 21mm Size 20 Yellow
Hedstrom  21mm Size  25 Red
12772Hedstrom 21mm Size 25 Red
Hedstrom  21mm Size  30 Blue
12775Hedstrom 21mm Size 30 Blue
Hedstrom  21mm Size  35 Green
12778Hedstrom 21mm Size 35 Green
Hedstrom  21mm Size  40 Black
12781Hedstrom 21mm Size 40 Black
Hedstrom  21mm Size  45 White
12784Hedstrom 21mm Size 45 White
Hedstrom  21mm Size  50 Yellow
12787Hedstrom 21mm Size 50 Yellow
Hedstrom  21mm Size  55 Red
12790Hedstrom 21mm Size 55 Red
Hedstrom  21mm Size  60 Blue
12793Hedstrom 21mm Size 60 Blue
Hedstrom  21mm Size  70 Green
12796Hedstrom 21mm Size 70 Green
12809Hedstrom 21mm Asst 15/40 P
12810Hedstrom 21mm Asst 45/80 P
Hedstrom  30mm Size  15 White
12814Hedstrom 30mm Size 15 White
Hedstrom  30mm Size  20 Yellow
12817Hedstrom 30mm Size 20 Yellow
Hedstrom  30mm Size  25 Red
12820Hedstrom 30mm Size 25 Red
Hedstrom  30mm Size  30 Blue
12823Hedstrom 30mm Size 30 Blue
Hedstrom  30mm Size  35 Green
12826Hedstrom 30mm Size 35 Green
Hedstrom  30mm Size  40 Black
12829Hedstrom 30mm Size 40 Black
Hedstrom  30mm Size  45 White
12832Hedstrom 30mm Size 45 White
Hedstrom  30mm Size  50 Yellow
12835Hedstrom 30mm Size 50 Yellow
Hedstrom  30mm Size  55 Red
12838Hedstrom 30mm Size 55 Red
Hedstrom  30mm Size  60 Blue
12841Hedstrom 30mm Size 60 Blue
Hedstrom  30mm Size  70 Green
13278Hedstrom 30mm Size 70 Green
13291Hedstrom 30mm Asst 15/40 P
13292Hedstrom 30mm Asst 45/80 P


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