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Reamers are high quality, triangular bladed, stainless steel instruments designed to provide flexibility with integrity.


14133Reamers 21mm Size 08 Gray
14134Reamers 25mm Size 08 Gray
Reamers 21mm  Size  10 Purple
6029Reamers 21mm Size 10 Purple
6030Reamers 21mm Size 15 White
6031Reamers 21mm Size 20 Yellow
6032Reamers 21mm Size 25 Red
6033Reamers 21mm Size 30 Blue
6034Reamers 21mm Size 35 Green
6038Reamers 21mm Size 40 Black
6040Reamers 21mm Size 45 White
6110Reamers 25mm Size 10 Purple
6111Reamers 25mm Size 15 White
6112Reamers 25mm Size 20 Yellow
6120Reamers 25mm Size 25 Red
6126Reamers 25mm Size 30 Blue
6127Reamers 25mm Size 35 Green
6131Reamers 25mm Size 40 Black
6132Reamers 25mm Size 45 White
62252Reamers 21mm Size 06 Pink
62253Reamers 25mm Size 06 Pink
821-2021Reamers 21mm Asst 15/40 Pack
821-2025Reamers 25mm Asst 15/40 Pack


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