Specialty Tips


Endodontic Ultrasonic Tips

"From vibrating posts to removing separated instruments and everything in between, the RedStar Tips provide powerful yet safe tactile control of ultrasonic energy."
Dr. Richard Mounce

RedStar Tips are state-of-the-art in endo ultrasonics. These ultrasonic tips provide a wide range of functionality and efficiency and are intended for use by both the novice clinician and the expert specialist. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Richard Mounce, these endo ultrasonics tips are designed with safety in mind first and will enable the clinician to handle various endodontic cases.

RS-1 Spreader Tip

  • Helps remove cement around
  • Opens calcified canals
  • Removes isthmus tissue between

RS-2 Planing Tip

  • Removes pulp stones smoothly and safely from pulp chamber without scoring
  • Smooths the axial walls and floor of the pulp chamber
  • Shaves thin layers of dentin without cutting too deep

Specialty Tips

973-0031Ultrasonic Tip File Adapter
Ultrasonic Tip C-K-S Carr-Kant
973-0061Ultrasonic Tip C-K-S Carr-Kant
Ultrasonic Tip VT-S Vibrator T
973-0069Ultrasonic Tip VT-S Vibrator T
Ultrasonic Tip ST-S Scaler Tip
973-0074Ultrasonic Tip ST-S Scaler Tip
973-1060Ultrasonic Tip CK-S Carr Back