Rotary Glide Path File: Own the glide path

Introducing the Traverse™ rotary glide path file. Over 125 years ago, Kerr invented the K-file and now we unveil the latest, state-of-the-art file technology — Traverse. Simplifying the procedure, Traverse inspires confidence and optimal results.


818-2131Traverse Rotary Glide Path File .13/.06/21mm
818-2132Traverse Rotary Glide Path File .13/.06/25mm
818-2133Traverse Rotary Glide Path File .13/.06/31mm
818-2141Traverse Orifice and Glide Path File .13/.06/21mm
818-2142Traverse Orifice and Glide Path File .13/.06/25mm
818-2143Traverse Orifice and Glide Path File .13/.06/31mm
818-2181Traverse Rotary Glide Path File .18/.06/21mm
818-2182Traverse Rotary Glide Path File .18/.06/25mm
818-2183Traverse Rotary Glide Path File .18/.06/31mm
818-2191Traverse Orifice and Glide Path File .18/.06/21mm
818-2192Traverse Orifice and Glide Path File .18/.06/25mm
818-2193Traverse Orifice and Glide Path File .18/.06/31mm
818-8251Traverse Orifice Opener .25/.08/17mm


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Resistance To Stress / Deformation / Breakage

Unique “Variable Heat Treatment” technology offers enhanced resistance to torsional stress and breakage compared to other glide path files on the market*.

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Simplified Procedure / Reduced Chair Time

Compared to traditional hand files, Traverse requires fewer instruments to establish the glide path, which improves efficiency and reduces chair time*.

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Superior Rotary Glide Path

Traverse rotary glide path technology enhances your technique by creating a more tapered glide path that reduces the workload on subsequent shaping files when compared with .02 taper rotary glide path files*.

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Overcome Calcifications and Difficult Anatomy

A triangular cross-section and rotary motion are highly efficient at overcoming canal impediments.

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Maximum Flute Diameter

With a maximum flute diameter of just 1mm, Traverse preserves more natural tooth structure than continuous or progressively tapered files.

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Non-Cutting Tip for Enhanced Control

Minimizes the chance for ledging or perforation of the canal. Optimized torsional strength makes files less likely to separate and provides greater control.


*Traverse has higher torsional resistance when compared with ProGlider and EdgeGlidePath. The trademark TRAVERSE™ is owned and registered by Kerr Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. The trademarks ProGlider™ and EdgeGlidePath™ are owned by their respective owners, Dentsply Sirona Inc. and Edge Endo LLC. Data on file.


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