Triple-Flex Files


Stainless Steel Endo Handfile

Triple-Flex Files are triangular-bladed, stainless steel instruments designed for flexibility with integrity. The twisted flutes allow aggressive cutting and debris removal you demand without sacrificing the instrument’s inherent stability. Triple-Flex Files are highly breakage resistant, even in the most stressful situations.

Triple-Flex Files

Triple-Flex 21mm Size  08 Gray
25927Triple-Flex 21mm Size 08 Gray
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  10 Purp
25928Triple-Flex 21mm Size 10 Purp
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  15 Whit
25929Triple-Flex 21mm Size 15 Whit
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  20 Yell
25930Triple-Flex 21mm Size 20 Yell
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  25 Red
25931Triple-Flex 21mm Size 25 Red
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  30 Blue
25932Triple-Flex 21mm Size 30 Blue
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  35 Gree
25933Triple-Flex 21mm Size 35 Gree
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  40 Blac
25935Triple-Flex 21mm Size 40 Blac
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  45 Whit
25936Triple-Flex 21mm Size 45 Whit
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  50 Yell
25937Triple-Flex 21mm Size 50 Yell
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  55 Red
25938Triple-Flex 21mm Size 55 Red
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  60 Blue
25939Triple-Flex 21mm Size 60 Blue
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  70 Gree
25940Triple-Flex 21mm Size 70 Gree
Triple-Flex 21mm Size  80 Blac
25941Triple-Flex 21mm Size 80 Blac
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  08 Gray
25943Triple-Flex 25mm Size 08 Gray
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  10 Purp
25944Triple-Flex 25mm Size 10 Purp
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  15 Whit
25945Triple-Flex 25mm Size 15 Whit
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  20 Yell
25946Triple-Flex 25mm Size 20 Yell
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  25 Red
25947Triple-Flex 25mm Size 25 Red
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  30 Blue
25948Triple-Flex 25mm Size 30 Blue
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  35 Gree
25949Triple-Flex 25mm Size 35 Gree
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  40 Blac
25951Triple-Flex 25mm Size 40 Blac
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  45 Whit
25952Triple-Flex 25mm Size 45 Whit
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  50 Yell
25953Triple-Flex 25mm Size 50 Yell
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  55 Red
25954Triple-Flex 25mm Size 55 Red
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  60 Blue
25955Triple-Flex 25mm Size 60 Blue
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  70 Gree
25956Triple-Flex 25mm Size 70 Gree
Triple-Flex 25mm Size  80 Blac
25957Triple-Flex 25mm Size 80 Blac
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  08 Gray
25959Triple-Flex 30mm Size 08 Gray
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  10 Purp
25960Triple-Flex 30mm Size 10 Purp
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  15 Whit
25961Triple-Flex 30mm Size 15 Whit
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  20 Yell
25962Triple-Flex 30mm Size 20 Yell
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  25 Red
25963Triple-Flex 30mm Size 25 Red
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  30 Blue
25964Triple-Flex 30mm Size 30 Blue
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  35 Gree
25965Triple-Flex 30mm Size 35 Gree
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  40 Blac
25967Triple-Flex 30mm Size 40 Blac
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  45 Whit
25968Triple-Flex 30mm Size 45 Whit
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  50 Yell
25969Triple-Flex 30mm Size 50 Yell
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  55 Red
25970Triple-Flex 30mm Size 55 Red
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  60 Blue
25971Triple-Flex 30mm Size 60 Blue
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  70 Gree
25972Triple-Flex 30mm Size 70 Gree
Triple-Flex 30mm Size  80 Blac
25973Triple-Flex 30mm Size 80 Blac
821-3021Triple-Flex 21mm Asst 15/40
821-3025Triple-Flex 25mm Asst 15/40
821-3030Triple-Flex 30mm Asst 15/40
821-3121Triple-Flex 21mm Asst 45/80
821-3125Triple-Flex 25mm Asst 45/80
821-3130Triple-Flex 30mm Asst 45/80


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