Centrifugal Casting Machine

The Kerr Centrifico is a well made, precision casting machine that has been the industry standard for decades. It comes complete with accessories to cast all rings up to 3-1/2” diameter by 2-5/8” high, and features a Cast-R-Knob for easy and safe winding of the arm, heavy duty spring, and heavy duty construction.


00009CentrificoCentrifco Casting Machine
15550CentrificoCasting Well

Centrifico Caster Parts

00008Centrifico Standard Casting Arm Complete, Standard
00012CentrificoCradle - 1C
00013CentrificoCradle - 2C
00014CentrificoCradle - 3C
02045CentrificoBall-1/4" Steel Grade 24, Casting Machines
02065CentrificoBearing-Arm, Casting Machines
02066CentrificoBearing-Base Top, Casting Machines
02067CentrificoBearing-Base Bottom, Casting Machines
02085CentrificoCrucible Carriage, Holds 1 Oz And 2.5 Oz, Standard
34912Centrifico Spring-Replacement Regular, Standard / 4"
34913CentrificoNut-Top, Plated, Casting Machines
34914CentrificoScrew-Crucible Mount, Casting Machines
34915CentrificoPin-Stop,Plated, Casting Machines
34916CentrificoCap-Stop Pin Rubber, Casting Machines
34917CentrificoPin-Driving, 1/8 X 1, Casting Machines
34918CentrificoRotor Shaft-Complete, Casting Machines