Flexible Clearance Tabs


Occlusal and Interproximal Space Guides

Designed to make direct intraoral measurements of occlusal and interproximal tooth preparation clearances. Dentist places individual Flex Tab between the prepared tooth and its opposing occlusal surface to ensure sufficient clearance for the laboratory to develop a perfect restoration. Packed individually to be disposed of after use.

Flexible Clearance Tabs

004-005Flexible Clearance TabsFlex Guide 2pk
004-006Flexible Clearance TabsPink, 1.0 mm
004-007Flexible Clearance TabsGreen, 1.5 mm
004-008Flexible Clearance TabsBlue, 2.0 mm
004-009Flexible Clearance Tabs3 Pak Assorted


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Flexible Clearance Tabs - Instructions for Use
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Monday, November 2, 2015 - 03:11
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