Galetti™ Articulator


Plasterless Articulator

The Galetti Articulator is solidly constructed from aluminum and brass, making it both hard wearing and corrosion resistant. This highly accurate and time saving articulator is easy to use in the laboratory or chairside. Any type of dental model can be placed onto this Galetti without the application of mounting plaster.

Galetti Articulator

32685Galetti Articulator

Galetti Parts

32953Galetti ArticulatorAdjusting Screw, Galetti
32954Galetti ArticulatorLocking Device, Galetti
32955Galetti ArticulatorTension Bolt, Galetti
32956Galetti ArticulatorMovable Later Claw Bolt, Galetti
32957galetti ArticulatorAdjusting Bold, Galetti
32958Galetti ArticulatorKnurled Lock Nut, Galetti
32959Galetti ArticulatorKnurled Nut, Galetti
32960Galetti ArticulatorLater Claw Bolt, Galetti
32961Galetti ArticulatorBolt For Wing Nut, Galetti
32962Galetti ArticulatorBall Shaft, Galetti
32963Galetti ArticulatorTension Spindle, Galetti