Ultra-Waxer Ultra-Spatula and Tips


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The Ultra-Waxer 2 still features an all aluminum, light weight Spatula, with interchangeable heating tips. The Ultra-Tips are color coded for quick identification, foam gripped for ultimate comfort, and the ability to change the tip while still hot.

Ultra-Waxer 2 Parts

013-790Ultra-Spatula and TipsUltra-Waxer Cool Grips, Assorted, Pkg. of 3
013-791Ultra-Spatula and TipsUltra-Waxer Cool Grips, Blue, Pkg. of 3
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35167Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Small Pkt, Blue
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35168Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Large Pkt, Teal
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35169Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Beavertail, Purple
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35170Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Small #7, Gray
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35171Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Large#7, Green
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35172Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Needle, Red
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35173Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, 1/2 Hollenback, Black
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35174Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Small Denture, Pink
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35175Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer2, Large Denture, Orange
Ultra-Spatula and Tips
35176Ultra-Spatula and TipsTip, Ultra-Waxer, Denture Spoon, Yellow
35177Ultra-Spatula and TipsUltra-Spatula2 Cord / Handle


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