NTI® Supermax Diamond Discs

Lab Rotary

High-power Diamond Grinder

Organically bonded.

Multi Purpose Applications:

Ceramics/Porcelain, metal-ceramic Alloys, Chrome-Cobalt, Titanium, Composites, Zircon, Gold and all types of Soft Alloys. Supermax is the ideal instrument for titanium. Cool cutting and self-cleaning.


  • Low surface temperature due to cool cutting performance
  • Highly efficient grinding on all materials
  • Very soft and smooth cutting because of the special SuperMax diamond bonding which leaves a surface that can be followed by NTI polishers
  • Low dust generation
  • Time-saving because of minimized touch up work
  • Self-cleaning and self-sharpening which makes it possible to work on different materials without extra cleaning

NTI Supermax Diamond Discs

NTI Supermax Small Disc HP
G9001NTI Supermax Small Disc HP
NTI Supermax Knife HP
G9002NTI Supermax Knife HP
NTI Supermax Inverted Cone HP
G9003NTI Supermax Inverted Cone HP
NTI Supermax Large HP
G9004NTI Supermax Large HP
NTI Supermax Cylinder Flat Taper HP
G9005NTI Supermax Cylinder Flat Taper HP
NTI Supermax Large Knife HP
G9006NTI Supermax Large Knife HP
NTI Supermax Large Wheel HP
G9007NTI Supermax Large Wheel HP