Zirconia Polishers for Monolithic Restorations

The Zir-Cut™ polisher utilizes a unique diamond abrasive mixture to bring zirconia materials to a high shine. This two step system removes scratches, smoothes rough surfaces, and creates a high gloss surface on all zirconia crowns, bridges, substructures and abutments. The Zir-Cut™ Polisher is available in a point, cup and disc and is mounted to a latch mandrel for intra-oral use.


  • Unique diamond abrasive blend creates a high gloss finish on zirconia materials
  • Efficient Two step system reduces polishing time
  • RA mounted polisher are perfect for intra-oral polishing of all zirconia crowns, substrates and abutments


Zirconia Polisher - High Shine Point
P9001Zirconia Polisher - High Shine Point
Zirconia Polisher - High Shine Cup
P9002Zirconia Polisher - High Shine Cup
Zirconia Polisher - High Shine Disc
P9003Zirconia Polisher - High Shine Disc
Zirconia Polisher - Pre-Polishing Point
P901Zirconia Polisher - Pre-Polishing Point
Zirconia Polisher - Pre-Polishing Cup
P902Zirconia Polisher - Pre-Polishing Cup
Zirconia Polisher - Pre-Polishing Disc
P903Zirconia Polisher - Pre-Polishing Disc


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