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OptiGuard is a fluoride releasing composite surface sealant comprised of unfilled, light-cured resin material. OptiGuard fills and strengthens the composite surface after finishing. High-speed finishing techniques often create cracks and pits on the restored surface and OptiGuard fills these areas with a hardened resin, thus guarding against premature wear and staining.

  • Fills marginal gaps. Protection.
  • Fills microcracks on surface.
  • Only one coat needed. Saves time, money.
  • 20-second light cure. Saves time.
  • Fluoride releasing. Protection.


26685OptiGuard Kit Contains: (2) 5 ml bottles surface sealant, 1 gel etchant syringe, 10 gel etchant tips, 25 mixing wells, 50 applicators
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25880OptiGuard Surface Sealant 5 ml bottle
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OptiGuard® (US) SDS
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