VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray

Hand Hygiene

Hand Sanitizer

VioNexus No Rinse Spray Antiseptic Handwash is a moisturizing waterless skin sanitizer. The 72% v/v ethanol formula contains emollients and is recommended for repeated use. Repeated applications of VioNexus No Rinse Spray Antiseptic Handwash enhance antimicrobial effects while moisturizing and soothing the skin. When dispensed using the No-Touch Dispenser, it virtually eliminates cross-contamination while relieving over-stressed hands. Latex compatible.


10-1800VioNexus No-Rinse Spray 1 liter
10-1802VioNexus No-Rinse Spray2 oz

Features and Benefits

  • Kills germs and cleans skin without running water
  • Dual active ingredients help provide longer lasting protection against bacteria that can cause disease
  • Emollients help prevent dry, irritated skin and leave hands feeling soft
  • No water or towels needed, which eliminates cross-contamination
  • Quick drying for quicker donning of gloves
  • Helps maintain skin’s natural oils
  • For use with No-Touch or Manual Dispensers

Kerr TotalCare is proud to carry VioNexus No Rinse Spray. By using our Dental VioNexus No Rinse Spray, all professionals can safely contribute to infection control and creating a clean environment for patients. As always, we are dedictated to providing total solutions to care for you and your patients.


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