Kerr Corporation and Pelton & Crane Embrace New Platforms for Customer Engagement

Released at - January 15, 2015

Pinterest presents unique opportunities to educate, entertain and engage the entire dental team.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve and shift away from purely promotional to more engaging, solution-driven exchanges, Kerr Corporation and Pelton & Crane™, members of the KaVo Kerr Group, are leading the way in utilizing new platforms for creative customer interaction.

Kerr Corporation is executing a customer-focused Pinterest strategy that is unlike any other in the dental materials marketplace. The Kerr™ Pinterest page ( is designed to connect dental professionals of all specializations by being a friend and constituent in the everyday challenges of the dental office. Prioritizing education, entertainment and engagement, the Kerr Pinterest page is the aspirational arm of Kerr’s social media efforts, seeking to establish a connection with multiple members of the dental team with intentionally uplifting content.”

The Kerr Pinterest Boards – including Daily Dental Mantras, What Makes Us Smile, Dental Badges, and others – have a unique voice compared to the Kerr Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

“When I was looking for a space to develop and deepen a connection with dental assistants and dental hygienists, I found Pinterest to be the place to do just that. While consumer marketers have seen the benefits of Pinterest engagement, it was still an untapped opportunity in dentistry and we wanted to remedy that with a page dedicated to the daily day-to-day concerns and victories of the dental team,” said Myan Yip, Associate Product Manager for Kerr Corporation. “This page is developed to go beyond selling. We want to create a loyal and dedicated friendship with one of our core customer bases – the dental assistants and dental hygienists.”

Pelton & Crane, a leader in delivering high quality dental equipment that is both innovative and beautiful, is its Pinterest page ( as a visual discovery tool that can help dental professionals find inspiration and partners for building the practice of their dreams.

“In addition to being one of the fastest growing social media tools, Pinterest is extremely popular among interior designers and architects,” said Andrew Kuzmen, Brand Manager for Pelton & Crane. “With the support of our Dealer Partners, we are populating multiple boards – including Dental Office Design, Vintage Dental, and others – with office design images that will help dental professionals to find design that matches their personal style and practice image while maintaining the highest quality. It’s an exciting new way to start a conversation.”