Kerr Launches SonicFill™ 2

Released at - April 15, 2015

New composite builds on award-winning performance of its predecessor

Kerr Corporation, a member of KaVo Kerr Group, is pleased to announce the launch of SonicFill™ 2. Since the first SonicFill came to market, thousands of dentists have seen tedious, repetitive posterior restorations transformed into easy and reliable SingleFill placement: filling cavities up to 5mm in depth in a single increment, with a single material - and no liner or capping layer.

Retaining the same patented sonic-activation technology that made the original version so successful; SonicFill 2 incorporates a new filler system containing nano-scale zirconium oxide and silica oxide particles. This change delivers excellent gloss, color-matching, wear resistance and strength to make bulk filling even easier and more reliable.

“With its low shrinkage stress and high depth of cure, SonicFill 2 enables successful bulk fill procedures with seamless simplicity and efficiency,”

said Dr. Parag R. Kachalia, Associate Professor of Reconstructive Dentistry, University of the Pacific. “This is what dentists deserve and expect.”

“Improving on a market-leading product is something our team undertook with a enthusiasm and determination. SonicFill 2 delivers enhanced polishability, overall esthetics, durability and extended working time, building on its promise of delivering a true single-step bulk fill up to 5mm,” said Alistair Simpson, VP of Global Marketing, Kerr Corporation. “We are excited to bring SonicFill 2 to dentists around the world and honored to be a partner in creating outstanding clinical outcomes for the patients they serve.”