A system of products

From direct composites to root canals to room prep, we know everything has to work cohesively to complete your day successfully. With a variety of patients creating diverse challenges for you and your staff, it’s a comfort to have a helping hand. At Kerr, we partner with you to keep patients happy by providing systems of products that cover a wide range of procedures.

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Root Canal Therapy

Of all procedures, root canals can be the most complex and possibly problematic, which requires the utmost attention to detail. They are incredibly time-consuming and require essential products that work cohesively together for optimal patient outcomes. In support of this, Kerr has developed their endodontic offerings with this exact goal in mind: to have them be used harmoniously and efficiently together. From diagnosis, access, to shaping and irrigating to obturation, Kerr Endodontics has a complete line of offerings for both procedures: