Herculite™ XRV Ultra™


Universal Nanohybrid Dental Composite

The Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ has been the industry standard for dental composites for 20 years. True to the Kerr legacy of developing innovative, quality products for dentistry, Kerr makes history again with the Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ nanohybrid composite. Based on the latest nanofiller technology, in addition to offering improved handling, polishability and wear resistence, Herculite XRV Ultra delivers an improved lifelike appearance to final restorations by replcating the oalescence and fluorescence of the natural tooth.



33856Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ standard kit syringeContents: 10 x syringes (4g) in shades enamel A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, C2, D2, dentine A2, A3; accessories*
33857Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ standard kit Unidose™Contents: 10 x Unidose™ (10 x 0.2g) in shades enamel A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, C2, D2, dentine A2, A3; accessories*
33858Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ intro kit SyringeContents: 6 x Syringe (10 x 0.2g) in shades enamel A1, A2, A3, A3.5, D2, dentine A2; accessories*
33859Herculite XRV Ultra Intro Kit UnidoseContents: 6 Unidoses™ (10x0.2 g) in shades: Enamel A1, A2, A3, A3.5, D2 - Dentine A2, Accessories* *Accessories: 1 Premise Flowable A2 composite (1.7 g), 10 Tips for flowable composite, 1 OptiBond™ Solo Plus™ Bottle (5 ml) 1 Gel Etchant (3 g), 1 OptiDisc™ Sample Kit with 15 pcs of Extra-Coarse, Coarse/Medium, Fine and Extra-Fine OptiDiscs size 12.6 mm and 2 mandrels, 25 Mixing Wells, 50 Applicator Tips, 10 Gel Etchant Syringe Tips

Mini Kit

33860Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ mini kit syringe with OptiBond™ Solo PlusContents: 3 x syringes (4g) in shades enamel A2, A3, dentine A2; 1 x OptiBond™ Solo Plus bottle (5ml); 1 gel etchant (3g); 25 x mixing wells; 50 x applicator tips

Refill packs 1 x 4g syringe

34001Herculite™ XRV Ultra™-Enamel XL
34002Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ - Enamel A1
34003Herculite Ultra refill packs - Enamel A2
34004Herculite Ultra refill packs - Enamel A3
34005Herculite™ XRV Ultra™ Enamel A3.5
34006Herculite Ultra - Enamel A4
34007Herculite Ultra - Enamel B1
34008Herculite Ultra - Enamel B2
34009Herculite Ultra - Enamel B3
34010Herculite Ultra - Enamel B4
34011Herculite Ultra - Enamel C1
34012Herculite Ultra - Enamel C2
34013Herculite Ultra - Enamel C3
34014Herculite Ultra - Enamel C4
34015Herculite Ultra - Enamel D2
34016Herculite Ultra - Enamel D3
34017Herculite Ultra - Enamel D4
34018Herculite Ultra - Dentine A11 x 4g syringe
34019Herculite Ultra - Dentine A2
34020Herculite Ultra - Dentine A3
34021Herculite Ultra - Dentine A3.5
34022Herculite Ultra - Dentine B1
34023Herculite Ultra - Dentine B2
34024Herculite Ultra - Dentine C2
34025Herculite Ultra - Dentine D2
34026Herculite Ultra - Dentine D3
34027Herculite Ultra - Incisal - Neutral

Refill Packs - 20 x 0.2g Unidose tips

34028Herculite Ultra - Enamel XL
34029Herculite Ultra - Enamel A1
34030Herculite Ultra - Enamel A2
34031Herculite Ultra - Enamel A3
34032Herculite Ultra - Enamel A3.5
34033Herculite Ultra - Enamel A4
34034Herculite Ultra - Enamel B1
34035Herculite Ultra - Enamel B2
34036Herculite Ultra - Enamel B3
34037Herculite Ultra - Enamel B4
34038Herculite Ultra - Enamel C1
34039Herculite Ultra - Enamel C2
34040Herculite Ultra - Enamel C3
34041Herculite Ultra - Enamel C4
34042Herculite Ultra - Enamel D2
34043Herculite Ultra - Enamel D3
34044Herculite Ultra - Enamel D4
34054Herculite Ultra - Incisal - Neutral

Dentine Refills

34045Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine A1
34046Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine A2
34047Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine A3
34048Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine A3.5
34049Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine B1
34050Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine B2
34051Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine C2
34052Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine D2
34053Herculite Ultra Dentine Refill - Dentine D3


Thanks to Herculite Ultra, there is no longer a need for multiple composite systems in your practice. Whether it is an anterior or posterior restoration, Herculite Ultra fulfills your every need!
Ara Nazarian DDS
I continue to use Herculite Ultra. As you know I have and will continue to be a Premise fan but I learned to love 4 kids at home so I guess I can love 2 of the Kerr babies… It blends well, polishes nicely and I think will be very strong. Another great Kerr product!
Bruce Le Blanc DDS
Herculite has been my gold standard for universal composites since 1989. With nanotechnology, Herculite Ultra now maximizes handling, polish, and durability. A great product just got better!
Bruce Le Blanc DDS
Why sell Ultra when you have Premise - because Herculite is a recognized name that still has a following and will convert other non Kerr customers. I think the Herculite handles better and color blend should be very easy. It is going to be a big seller - trust me on that. Premise and Ultra side by side will dominate the market for Kerr in time. I will advocate for that because I believe in the products.
Bruce Le Blanc DDS
I like the material. Nice handling and nice blending. Not nearly as stiff as Premise. More like Filtek Supreme.
Bob Margeas, DDS
In my hands, this material feels like it belongs with the tooth. I know this sounds weird but it is so easy to apply and blends beautifully into the posterior and polishes 1,2,3.
Lou Graham DDS
Herculite Ultra is a great addition to the Kerr line of extremely successful composites since the original Herculite, Herculite XR and especially Herculite XRV clearly established themselves as the industry standard. XRV remains a popular, highly successful composite with very predictable results with superior longevity. Herculite Ultra is even better. It handles extremely well, which is what most clinicians are concerned with. It contains the original resin matrix and the same filler load at around 78% and a polymerization shrinkage which is on the low end of normal for this genre of materials. Importantly, it has nano-optimized filler which improves the physical properties, polishes better and maintains the polish long term. It is truly a great addition to the Kerr line and is destined to be a resounding success.
Chuck Wakefield DDS MAGD ABGD