OptiBond™ Solo Plus

Bonding Agents

Single Component Total-Etch Dental Adhesive

OptiBond™ Solo™ Plus is a total-etch, single-component dental adhesive for virtually every clinical application. Ethanol-based, 15 % filled with Kerr’s proprietary 0.4μm filler, Solo™ Plus actually reinforces dentine tubules at much greater depths than unfilled or nano-filled systems. This means improved long-term stability and outstanding bond strengths with direct and indirect applications.


  • Filled technology – OptiBond™ Solo™ is 15% filled with a 0.4 μm filler
  • Ethanol-based – the adhesion promoters are carried in an ethanol solvent, diminishing both the tedious need for multiple coats and constant reapplication commonly experienced with acetone adhesives
  • Versatile – effective for all direct and indirect indications, in moist or dry environments
  • Available in bottle and Unidose™ delivery.
  • Proven long-term performance.



Refill Pack

29669 EOptiBond™ Solo™ Plus Unidose™ refill packContents: 100 x packets (10ml total)
29692OptiBond™ Solo™ Plus Bottle Refill Pack


Is OptiBond™ Solo Plus radiopaque?

No, it is not radiopaque.

Is OptiBond™ Solo Plus glass filled?

Yes, 15% glass filled.

What is the film thickness of OptiBond™ Solo Plus?

It is 10 microns.

Why choose an alcohol over an acetone-based material?

Acetone-based products evaporate faster than alcohol, requiring multiple applications, thus more material is needed when using an acetone-based product.

How long should you etch dentin?

15 seconds is sufficient.