Kerr product innovations


Prophy Box SMARTmatic S19 with Perfect Pearls *

From patient preparation to polishing – KaVo Kerr makes prophylaxis treatment even easier and more efficient. In addition to the attractive Prophy Boxes with a KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S31, S33 or S53 instrument, the newest Prophy Box combines the innovative disposable Prophy Angles PerfectPearl™ with the perfectly matching instrument KaVo SMARTmatic Prophy S19 – to fulfil all your daily needs in one comprehensive package.


  • 1x KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY Instrument S19
  • 2x Kerr Prophy Clips
  • 2x Kerr Cleanic Tube Fluorid 100 g
  • 1x Kerr OptiView Standard Kit (2 pieces) 
  • 144x Prophy Angles Standard Cups

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Endodontic Motor elements™ e-motion with improved Adaptive Motion feature *

The new KaVo Kerr elements™ e-motion system combines efficiency and safety: the improved Adaptive Motion feature offers greater cutting power and the new torque limiting feature minimises the risk of files becoming deformed or breaking.

KaVo Kerr elements™ e-motion was fully developed and manufactured in Germany. The accompanying stainless steel handpiece is made by KaVo. The device, thanks to its user-friendly colour touchscreen interface, is easy to operate – via 5 individually adjustable presettings, each with up to 10 files.


At a glance:

  • File system with more than 190 preset files
  • New files can be added with name, size, speed and torque and set up individually
  • 4 attachment options for handpiece holders
  • System includes control, motor and reducing handpiece (8:1), speed range
  • 20–2,500 rpm, torque 0.1–6.0 Ncm
  • 12-month warranty

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OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal - The power of two for all your challenges *

OptiBond eXTRa

Introducing OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal, the all-new two-component universal bonding agent to deliver superior bond results with the ease of a single protocol, for any clinical situation.


At a glance:

  • Superior bond results thanks to the patented GPDM and Ternary Solvent System
  • Compatibility with any substrate without the need of auxiliary products, thanks to unique smart pH technology
  • High aesthetic outcomes thanks to low film thickness

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Traverse™ - Rotary glide path file *

Own the glide path with speed and safety.


At a glance:

  • Simplified, faster procedure 
  • High resistance to stress and deformation
  • More tapered glide path, reduced work load 
  • Higher cutting efficiency
  • Non-cutting tip, less debris apical extrusion
  • No risk for cross contamination

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* Availability depending on offering, registrations and regulatory approvals in your region / country.