A system of products

From direct composites to root canals to room prep, we know everything has to work cohesively to complete your day successfully. With a variety of patients creating diverse challenges for you and your staff, it’s a comfort to have a helping hand. At Kerr, we partner with you to keep patients happy by providing systems of products that cover a wide range of procedures.

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Indirect Restoration

At Kerr, we understand that indirect procedures can be rigorously time-consuming, regardless of whether you’re using office equipment (CAD/CAM) or a lab. From prep design and tissue management to the last three minutes of cementation—everything matters. In these complex procedures, we know product compatibility makes such a difference. So much so, we’ve designed our products to work in sync with each other to help pinpoint issues and ensure chemical compatibility for long lasting restorations. In addition to the efficacy and tolerability, the esthetics is also imperative—making every product decision throughout a procedure count.  Here you’ll find everything you need for every indirect procedure.